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Åre - SWeden






Nomads Vibes

Hi, we are The Nomads Family, you might know us from The Nomads Bus, our hostel on wheels which we traveled around with accompanied by guests, for four years. Eventually we decided to sell the business, however we kept on traveling, this time in a camper, until we found the perfect place to settle down. This place turned out to be Åre, well-known as the biggest and without a doubt coziest, ski resort of Scandinavia. When the other half of the house we are renting became available, we decided to turn it into a guesthouse; The Nomads House. A place where we can continue to do what we love to do, where we can welcome people from all over the world into our lives and share all the beautiful things we have discovered in the area. 




The Nomads House is open to book starting in March 2023, it’s a place to enjoy with up to 5 adults (or 6 people when there are kids included). Our family’s house and The Nomads House share a South facing balcony with a superb view over the mountains and a cozy fire place area. We love to cook and connect, so somewhere during your stay we will offer you a delicious homemade family meal, just like we used to do on The Nomads Bus. We love to join our guests on adventures and show them around whenever we are available in between work and time with our kids. There is also the option to hire us for backcountry guiding or ski/snb coaching during the winter. We are located in the middle of three ski stations, however we recommend you to rent a car at the airport so you are free to go where and when you please. We have more than enough free parking space in front of the house. For more info keep scrolling down or if there is anything you want to know more about don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

About Åre

A playground for young and old(er)


Åre is the gem of Jämtland county serving up a multifaceted offer of experiences. Åre is Sweden’s largest and most popular ski resort and lots of people visit  the region for alpine skiing and cross-country skiing or the chance to see the Northern Lights. It has also served as a rest stop for pilgrims on their way to Trondheim since the middle ages, and in the 19th century it established itself as a health resort – its clean mountain air and soul-soothing scenery giving relief to those living with lung conditions.

Being a winter holiday hotspot that attracts snow sports enthusiasts from Sweden and beyond, Åre offers every imaginable mountain activity. Aside from alpine skiing and cross-country skiing for all ages and difficulty levels, you can take in the stunning scenery by setting off on snowshoe hikes, ice climbing and ski touring excursions, snowmobile tours and more. The outdoor activity company Explore Åre, among others, offers a wide range of experiences year-round.

Jämtland’s lakes, mountains, meadows and forests provide plenty of healthy ingredients. Using foraged delicacies, or those offered by the region’s many small-scale farmers and food producers, is the order of the day here to create delicious meals.

In Åre there are many producers of locally sourced food and drinks. Rustic mountain lodge Buustamons Fjällgård mostly harvests its ingredients within the region, while recipes take inspiration from the culinary culture of Åre and other mountain destinations.

Åre Kafferosteri, located in the centre of town, serves specialty coffee, sourced ethically and roasted on-site.

Jämtland is studded with microbreweries. Aside from the well-established Jämtlands Bryggeri – offering both classic and more progressive brews – there are newer additions such as Åre Bryggcompagni and Jemtehed & Brande to discover.

the house

Take a look

The two front doors

The Nomads House on the left


Living room 

The upper floor

Four beds to sleep in

The kitchen

Fully equipped

The Master

Ground floor bedroom

The Dining area

Large table that seats up to 8 people

The house is located in the midst of the four biggest ski resorts of the Åre ski area; Duved, Tegefjell, Åre and Björnen. From the house you look out over the lake and the surrounding mountain tops. This cozy wooden home is a semi-detached house that shares a wall with the home of The Nomads Family Val, Tim, Fenna (8 years old) and Ziggy (4 years old). There is a big South facing terrace, storage space for ski/snowboard/MTB equipment, an outdoor tripod fireplace and it has two parking spots for you to use.


There is a double bed in the bedroom downstairs and there are four single beds, which can be turned into two doubles, in the big bedroom upstairs. The house is equipped with the following:


  • Duvets, pillows, sheets and towels
  • Washing machine and dryer 
  • WIFI
  • Speaker
  • Board games
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Bathroom with a shower


In winter there is an avalanche set available for each visitor, which you can use for backcountry skiing or snowboarding and there are 4 splitboards and 3 pairs of tourskis you can borrow. 



How to get here

Easiest ways to travel Åre:

Fly to Stockholm

Take the night train directly to Åre (not expensive). You get a bed to sleep on the train and arrive refreshed at the central train station in Åre.

Fly to Östersund (1h from Åre)

We could pick you up if needed but please check out the other options below first. (If we are able to pick you up then fuel costs will be divided by passengers). 

Here are some options: or

Fly to Trondheim 

Take the train to Åre, it goes twice a day.

From what we have heard the train station called ‘Hell’ is walking distance from the airport and that’s the easiest station to take the train from. Or you take the train to Trondheim city center and Travel from there. 

More info 

In connection to the destination there are two airports within two hours transfer. To the east, Åre Östersund Airport, with domestic flights from Stockholm and other Swedish airports as well as international flights. The transfer time from Åre Östersund Airport is approx. one hour. To the west, in Norway, Trondheim Airport Værnes with several daily international and domestic flights. You can find direct flights to and from Vaernes here. The transfer time from Trondheim Airport Vaernes is approx. two hours.



Åre Östersund Airport

Åre Östersund Airport is the largest airport in the county of Jämtland. The airport has both domestic and international flight connections. Situated at Frösön, 85 km south east of Åre and 11 km west of Östersund centre. During winter season Åre Östersund Airport has direct flights to and from: Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Copenhagen, London and Berlin.

Airlines that serve the airport: BRA, EasyJet, Norwegian, SAS

Trondheim Airport Værnes

Trondheim Airport Vaernes is the international airport of Trondheim, Norway. It is situated by the small town Stjørdal, 32 km east of Trondheim centre and 135 km west of Åre. Trondheim Lufthavn Værnes has direct flights to and from cities like: Oslo, Copenhagen, Helsinki, London, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Nice, Tallinn and Riga. 

Airlines that serve the airport: KLM, Norwegian, SAS, Widerøe, Finnair, Wizzair, LOT Polish Airlines

Take the Train to Åre

The travel centre in Åre is situated by the train station in central Åre. Several bus- and train companies offer direct connections to Åre from Sweden’s larger cities and Trondheim in Norway: Norrtåg, NSB (Norge), SJ, Snälltåget, Happyrail.

Train transfers from and to Duved train station/Åre train station are available to book during the winter season to fixed stops and prices.

Car Rental

Rent an electric car via E-go that you can pick up next to the train station. Download the E-go app, find a car and book your preferred vehicle. As your booking is confirmed, you can open the car and use it for the duration of your booking. Most of the car rental companies below can deliver a car to Åre. Otherwise you can pick it up at the airport in Östersund.

Europcar, Hertz, Sixt, Avis, Årebärgarn, Mabi


Who we are

We are Val and Tim, forever curious and always on the lookout for new challenges. We love to say YAY! to life in every way possible. The last 10 years this kind of mentality has taken us all over the world, going from one adventure to the next. The biggest two of them all have been without a doubt raising our two kids on the road and running our hostel on wheels, The Nomads Bus. We drove around Europe with this iconic 12 meters long American school bus for several years in search of adventure.


You could label us as multi-disciplinary, a word we have always loved, because it allows us to pursue more than one passion in life. We work best when there is a little bit of chaos in our heads and heaps of inspiration around us. Val is currently working as a writer and photographer, while Tim is into crypto gaming and managing NFT assets. Besides that, we also run a number of projects together such as helping others through our coaching website, running The Nomads House and by -probably our favourite part in life- backcountry ski and snowboard guiding. 

Hope to see you soon!