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Åre - SWeden





A cozy wooden guesthouse

Located at the perfect spot between the different ski resorts Åre has to offer, close to the town, a beautiful waterfall and surrounded by nature, managed by The Nomads Family.


What do you get?

The house has a master bedroom downstairs with a double bed and there is a big bedroom upstairs with four more single beds which can be turned into two doubles, up to your liking.

The Nomads House has a bathroom, a cozy living room, laundry room and a fully equipped kitchen.

You share a 42m2 South facing terrace with lounge area, fireplace and a beautiful view with The Nomads Family. This is the place to hang out after skiing or hiking/biking in the summer. 

There is enough parking space for you to have up to two cars in front of the house.

Sheets and towels are included in your booking.

99€ / Night

You get the complete house (up to 6 people) to share with your friends or family for 99€ per night.

You can combine your stay with guiding or instructing from the Nomads Academy both in winter (snowboarding, skiing and touring) and in summer (hiking and biking).

About Åre

A playground for young and old(er)

The reason we fell in love with Åre was without a doubt that even though it’s a small ski town with only 3000 people living here permanently, it has a very high quality of life. There are super nice restaurants, shops, cafes and so much more. There is a beach, a jump yard with trampolines, foam pits and climbing walls as well as a boulder area. There is also a huge swimming paradise and there are multiple spa options in town. Åre is also called ‘little Stockholm’, because it offers all the good things city life has to offer, only to be located at the foot of the mountains along a beautiful river. 


If you would like to come to Åre during the winter you can enjoy Scandinavia’s biggest ski resort (more info at There is a lot super fun and playful terrain for kids, a huge freestyle snow park, and also enough challenging terrain for adults to keep yourself busy for days. Not to get us started about the incredible backcountry terrain. It’s a super cozy resort with fire pits everywhere, tipis, and the most beautiful views. In short, it’s a unique experience you will have to experience for yourself. It’s very different from the Alps, in a good way and you will feel right at home.

Are you not a fan of skiing? In that case there are lots of other things you can do. From strolling through the cozy town to dogsledding, cross country skiing on the beautiful well prepared tracks all over the region, to ice skating, playing board games in one of the cozy bars in town, enjoying a sauna or spa, to bowling and even snow scooter rides through the forests. 


In summer this place is lusciously green with so much to do. From downhill and enduro biking, to gravel biking, hiking, ziplining, climbing, canoeing, SUPing and camping. The place is a playground for both adults and kids and we promise you you’ll never want to leave :). 

How to get here

Easiest ways to travel to Åre:

The easiest in most cases is to fly from Amsterdam to Trondheim, which is a direct flight. Trondheim is in Norway but only a train ride away or a beautiful two hours long drive. ¨

In Trondheim it’s the cheapest to rent a car through the website where you can rent from locals. Our guests have only good experiences with service. 

You could also fly to Stockholm and then rent a car there at the airport and enjoy a beautiful 8 hours long drive to Åre or you could take the day or night train to Åre.

However, we always recommend you to have a car here in Åre which you could also rent locally through

The other option would be to fly to Östersund which is only an hour drive from Åre, and to rent an electric car there through for your ride from Ostersund to Åre or to take the airport shuttle to Åre

Who we are

We are Val,Tim, Fenna and Ziggy, forever curious and always on the lookout for new challenges. We love to say YAY! to life in every way possible. The last 10 years this kind of mentality has taken us all over the world, going from one adventure to the next. The biggest two of them all have been without a doubt raising our two kids on the road and running our hostel on wheels, The Nomads Bus. We drove around Europe with this iconic 12 meters long American school bus for several years in search of adventure.


You could label us as multi-disciplinary, a word we have always loved, because it allows us to pursue more than one passion in life. We work best when there is a little bit of chaos in our heads and heaps of inspiration around us. Val is currently working as a writer and photographer, while Tim is into crypto gaming and managing NFT assets. Besides that, we also run a number of projects together such as helping others through our coaching website, running The Nomads House and by -probably our favourite part in life- backcountry ski and snowboard guiding at the Nomads Academy.

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